Thai food is known all over the world for its unique taste of spice and its mouth-watering street food. Apart from that, its one of a kind snacks, herbal drinks, and chili pastes are also an amazing choice to explore the taste of Siam


Thailand, or better known as the Land of Smiles is an extremely popular tourist destination – There is no shortage of souvenir items to buy in Thailand, from Authentic Muay Thai shorts, unique silver jewelry, and rare antiques. 


Thai Herbal products have been a big part and has originated from the ancient Thai culture. The powerful and effective remedies are used in the traditional medicine, massage schools, as well as home remedies.


Thai home and garden products are not just furnitures. They represent the lifestyle of Thai people through selections of materials. Explore our selected unique and authentic handmade crafts to add a sense of exotic to your space.

Thai Home & Garden Products

NAGAA Design
NAGAA Design: Rembulan Side Table
Regular price$299.99
    NAGAA Design
    NAGAA Design: Hudoq Lounge Chair
    Regular price$699.99
      NAGAA Design
      NAGAA Design: Leyye Outdoor LC
      Regular price$1,599.99
        NAGAA Design
        NAGAA Design: QO Dining Chair
        Regular price$499.99
          NAGAA Design
          NAGAA Design: Drum Side Table H
          Regular price$399.99
            NAGAA Design
            NAGAA Design: LARA CHAISE LOUNGE
            Regular price$999.99
              NAGAA Design
              NAGAA Design: Versailles Bistro Stool
              Regular price$199.99
                NAGAA Design
                NAGAA Design: Deco Ball ø75cm
                Regular price$199.99
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