A Story Behind Thai Elephant Pants

A Story Behind Thai Elephant Pants

The largest living land creature, columnar legs, and huge head with wide flat ears, opposite to their tiny loyal eyes are one fascinating creature, elephants. The Thai culture has been dependent on elephants since the beginning of time. No matter if it is an auspicious ceremony, transportation, or wars, elephants have been standing alongside Thais. Apart from that, elephants have a close connection to the Thai monarch as well as symbolizing Thailand’s national symbol since they are admired for their strength, durability, loyalty, and authority, especially white elephants. 

Elephants are found on carvings, paintings, textiles, as well as Thai culture folktales. The light and breezy elephant pants, with a little sense of a hippie spirit, are widely known among foreign tourists who are fond and realize the value of elephants to the kingdom of Thailand. Apart from that, most elephant pants are usually made by local Thais. Each creative pattern consists of various color selections from plain colors to vibrant ones. Not only they are comfortable to wear, but they are also versatile which can easily be worn in casual settings. Apart from that, Thai elephant pants would be a perfect souvenir for friends or family, as a representation of their memorable adventure in the land of smiles without the worry of sizing because one of the functions of these pants is that one size fits all.

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