Muay Thai for Women: #GirlBoss Attitude Could Start Here

Muay Thai for Women: #GirlBoss Attitude Could Start Here

Muay Thai is not just for tough-looking muscular fighters, known for their tough skin and ability to ignore pain and injuries. In fact, Muay Thai is a widely popular sport that originated in Thailand which captured global attention because of its unique artistic expression of power through discipline, control, and body strength. The stereotypical picture of Muay Thai practitioners is usually men. However, Muay Thai seems to be trendy in the fitness industry in recent years and it has attracted more and more women into combat sports, especially Muay Thai ​classes. 

To ladies who are bored with the same-old cardio fitness with a treadmill and elliptical equipment in the gym, Muay Thai could be a perfect alternative. This unique, yet challenging combat sport has several physical and mental benefits. 

In terms of physical healthMuay Thai training boosts your metabolism which makes you burn unwanted fat. In an one hour training session, Muay Thai burns about 600-700 calories per hour, depending on your metabolic rate. With constant training, Muay Thai helps to train your body strength, improves your stamina, energy. Being strong is the new sexy, Muay Thai makes your body toned and lean without looking too muscular. Apart from that, your body becomes more flexible and supple, which prevents you from getting muscle pain and cramps easily in the long run. 

For mental health, continuous Muay Thai training boosts mental alertness and enhances the mind and body coordination. Muay Thai tactics make your self-defense game strong. Muay Thai helps you boost your confidence and well-being as well, knowing that you can protect yourself from danger. Apart from that, Muay Thai could be a stress reliever as well. Kicking and punching the boxing  sandbag is indeed an alternative to release your daily anxiety or to release your tension from a workplace conflict. 

Girls, you would be equipped with some ready-to-kill self-defense skills. Khao Trong – Straight Knee Strike, Sok Ngat – Uppercut Elbow Strike, and Sok Tat – Horizontal Elbow Strike are some of the deadliest moves to knock out someone who tries to do harm to you.

Muay Thai subconsciously trains you to push yourself beyond your limits. You would develop a mindset as a driven and self-motivated individual. This would not only make you even stronger physically, but it also makes you have a #GirlBoss attitude.  A girlboss is an achiever, a person who pursues her own ambitions. Muay Thai trains you to dare your own limits. You would be surprised how it changes your life in a better way. Be mentally and physically tougher with Muay Thai.

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